In-Depth 2017 Post #1

My in-depth is art, specifically scenery and portrait drawing. That may be a tad blunt but I’d like to cut to the chase and tell you why. It wasn’t on a whim I chose art, not because I like how some art looks or because of some of the many interesting artist I know are, though those do play a factor. No, the reason I wish to explore art in my In-Depth is more to do with a frustration with myself and how my mind works.

I’m frustrated that I can’t translate what my eye’s can see to what my hands can do. I can think a thought and write that down and I can think about singing a G and I can vocalize it, so then why is it that I ┬ámy hands and eyes don’t work together like my mind and my mouth! When I write the words make sense (at least to me) and when I sing others know what note I’m sing to, so why is when I start to sketch the outline of a face my hands don’t create anything close to human! How do you create hair that looks the part? How does a person noes slope? How in the world do you draw ears? and hands? and eyes? and lips? These are questions I hope to answer with my In-Depth each one feels like a requirement so my hands and eyes can behave like my brain and my mouth. ┬áThis always been a very human problem of mine, that I’ll hopefully solve with my work this year. But there is another reason I chose this as my In-Depth a reason born less of frustration and more so happy memories.

A forgotten passion you could say, when I was younger I loved art. Through elementary school I drew every second, when we learned about animals I drew birds galore, when science was on the timetable I drew volcanoes, tornadoes, and thunder clouds, and if we dabbled in french I illustrated what I believed to be a true Frenchmen, a man in a zebra striped shirt and beret, holding a baguette, sporting a pinstripe moustache, standing beside the Eiffel Tower. It was a great outlet fro my thought as a kid but as time went on new opportunities opened up for what I could explore. Month by month I bounced from class to class learning and trying everything I could, from the culinary arts and sewing, to science, math, books and literature and beyond. As a result I drifted away from art, not on purpose but because there were so much else I hadn’t tried, so I set it on the back burner, and now with my In-Depth I’d like to take it off it.

The only problem as of this moment in time is that I’m still searching for a mentor. It’s hard to track down someone who is willing and not busy to the point of being impossible to get a hold of. But my hope is to find someone to work with who is willing and happy to help ASAP.



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