In-Depth #1

My choice of category when it comes to in-depth?

Cooking, to be more specific, fusion cooking.

I chose this out of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands other topics to explore, I chose it over weightlifting, over business, over painting… you get my point. But I chose it over these for a reason, passion.  I feel passion every time I cook it’s where I find a chance to let loose, so I felt like it was, for a person such as myself, where I should I go “In-depth” beyond my normal scope in its terms. So I quickly found where the unexplored territory of this subject lied for me and that was fusion cooking. The combination of two cultural styles and cookery, it isn’t just me making Thai food, it would be me making a blend of cultural quirks. I want to mash them so to as make them unidentifiable as one culture’s dish, it won’t just be Mexican food, it will be some kind west coast mash of the local ingredients and the spicing of Mexico.

To go along with this I’ve set my goal for this project to fit its theme of cohesion and blending, specifically I’ve set my goal as  to create not just a dish a repertoire of dishes. I want them to bring out and show what I’ve learned, they must make heavy use of the fresh ingredients grown or caught around us in  my city, so it can not just just be combination of cultures but also something that can only be made here.

Fusion cuisine from the restaurant Bambudda

Lastly the topic of my mentor, someone I still haven’t found yet. I’ve worked to find one, emails sent out in abundance, though they all say that they are too busy with their workload. Though, I push on and I continue to search for a mentor and as to make up for the time lost I’ve enrolled in a cooking course to help with the time in between when I come into contact with  someone available and now.

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  1. What cooking course are you taking? Tell us more. The instructor is your mentor! I am hoping to taste some of your dishes soon.

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