The Zip Process

The process of Zip project was an interesting one, at least for me. It started as exploration into a genre of public speaking but turned into me finding how to relate to audiences.

From every speech I heard there was one thing that was consistent, It was suited to the audience. They connected like no other public speaker, they found ways to relate, ways to understand, ways to get the audience to visualize. They motivated audiences using memory’s they knew audience could relate to, they connected with them. That connection spring boarded into their speech and was the basis of their motivational energy, the energy that powered their speech.

After that I knew what was what I believed the apex of motivational speaking, where I should aim for. So of course I began to take notes, notes on vocal techniques, hand motions, so on and so forth. This is where I spent the majority of my time on this project, watching speeches and analyzing them for the small details. I used this information to refine my speech, I learned to keep it short and sweet, I learned to use terminology that is relatable to my audience, and I learned to create an image in my audience’s minds. So I gathered these notes together I made my speech.

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