The Influence of Ideas

Now that the first term is over, I have been left thinking about socials, and what I believe we’ve learned. And what I’ve believed we’ve learned, which is, “with new ideas comes change” is the fundamental point of this post.  Though others would disagree, to me it seems obvious, from Columbus and The English Civil War to the current day election and Eminent these all show change through new ideas more so than anything else. Be it through conflicting ideas or a whole new way of discrimination, it’s evident (in my opinion) that this is what largely what this first term has been based around.


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Columbus was the person I was speaking of when I mentioned “a whole new kind of discrimination”, because he was the one who brought discrimination on massive scale to an entire continent worth of people. The cause of this? His idea of the first nations being less than people effected the first nations with more than just discrimination, it brought  genocide. But that is just cause and effect, this unit (Christopher Columbus) also showed off the idea of change and stagnation. The largest example of this being the European’s stagnant behavior in regards to their treatment of others and the idea’s they brought with their stagnation, that forced the first nation to change their way of life. They we’re literally torn form their homes and forced into slavery or killed outright. Columbus’s idea’s not only invoked change but also discrimination.


Conflict was a topic that came in abundance through out this first term, but I believe the prime example of this was the English Civil War. In a war there is with no doubt, no lack of conflict, so as we studied the cause of this momentous battle through passages in peoples writing’s and the idea’s of the opposing sides, clashing, hoping to make change.  We got to look in from our unique perspective as those observing and debating there ideas (in countless class discussions). So in this conflict, on a country so important, this internal conflict, effect’s the world not just the country, we got utilize its conflict’s and effects, its change and stagnation, to create our own mock realization of its ideas. In the for of The Trial of the King.


The Trial of the King was the moment, I looked beyond just the conflict of idea’s and literal conflict of the English Civil War and saw it for what it wanted to achieve, it’s effect not its cause, revolution. This trial played parallel to current event of the time, the election, and through constant comparing you could see there similarity’s. Stephen Harper was the 2015 equivalent of Charles the First, and much like Charles, people wanted a “revolution”. They wanted Harper out, as to force him to stop plaguing the people and to head way for someone new, someone different. These comparisons continued for awhile, even after the trial, because they stuck with people, much like gum to the sole of your bootSo after debating this comparison for a while I realized more on this topic in particular, I realized that it wasn’t just “new ideas that brought change” it was ideas themselves.


This term of socials I believe has been one of great value to me. It has shown me the influence exerted through ideas brought to the public more so than anything else before it. With countless lessons on ideas of cause and effect,  racial discrimination, and change because if them, I believe socials 9, so far, has promoted my understanding of the idea of the idea, to level of new depth.