A Bibliography of Stephen Colbert

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Stephen Colbert (Character): Wikipedia

A document I used to fill in the gaps of my knowledge, though there are some very intriguing facts contained within it.

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The Colbert Report (Clips and Episodes)

A small library on all of the works of The Colbert Report. This show was incredibly lucrative to finding the core to my eminent person, I used this for the majority of the information I needed on his character.

The Colbert Super PAC: Wikipedia

A block of information, as Wikipedia articles normally are. Though essential for finding many specifics, number wise while looking into this portion of his life.

colbert rally
[Art From: Todd Lockwood]

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: Wikipedia

You may have noticed a common theme, but this Wikipedia article, is again just there to fill in the specifics that I don’t have from the show.

Now to summarize, it is quite obvious that the vast majority of my knowledge I used was from the show. But with an episode count totaling at 1,447, It’s obvious why there are only small gaps of info to fill in.


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