My Document of Learning- Eminent Edition

My Eminent Speech, painful as it was to create I enjoyed it. It was painful not because of the subject matter, in fact I really enjoyed watching Colbert Report episodes, it was painful because of the critic inside of me. I would constantly go back and rewrite paragraphs, I spent hours on the beginning and end by themselves. But in the end I quieted my inner critic and work through my speech and by the end of it I had probably erased and restarted no less than five times.

So here, below this post is one of those states of my speech. Featuring many grammatical errors, clunky sentences, and none of the highlighting for my actual performance. But it was document that shows my learning (see what I did there?).

Stephen Colbert- from the perspective of his glasses

          I am the lens that he sees the world from; I mean literally, I am his glasses.  The glasses that have sat on his face and have been the lenses of which he perceives from, for *pause* close to twenty minutes now, since when his makeup staff put me on him. Which though is kind of “not long” per say, it’s long enough for me to understand *pause* that this man, is really nervous. He’s nervous not because this is his first time walking on this stage, he’s nervous because it’s his last time on The Colbert Report.

Last times can be nerve wracking for anyone; they’re a culmination of all that you’ve done and when “all that you’ve done” includes work important enough to receive notoriety that he is the best at what he does the pressure can be worse than nerve wracking. I can tell you it’s worse not from just the memories I get that help him perceive the world, but also from the way he stares through my glass lenses in fear of the stage that he’ll screw up.  But I then notice how he changes his glare to one not of fear but of determination, because today is not a day to mess about, today is a day for triumph! Because who else can you tell of, is important enough to receive no less than five species of animals named after him… That’s right folks a man honored by his peer as “one of the best at what he does” is award the honor of having a spider, a second specious of spider, a beetle, a fly, and a wasp named after him. But in all seriousness he has accomplished something much more important than the naming of insect species, he has influenced politics like no other comic of the twenty first century.

I can tell you he sees himself as influent, because when he looks through me and stares at the audiences on the walk across the stage. He sees them cheering, shouting his name and he remembers and I learn why he is important. He remembers that he was the one that explained, as satirically as possible; why you should vote Conservative and that many corporate owners are the real victim. He remembers that his particular brand of comedy is what inspires and entertains people to look from a different perspective, to change your point of view, to understand one and other. *pause*

We finish our walk and take a seat on the Colbert Report set, made up of Star – Spangled Banner on top of American flag, surrounded by important items like Stephen’s Captain America Shield and his second, third, and fourth American flag; I think they make him fell “at home”. Well at least the character he’s constructed. Because the character he’s made is one part “well-intentioned, poorly informed high-status idiot” and a second part “self-important right-wing commentator”, which clash to create… a relevant and entertaining news show, What, that can’t be true. But it is, with careful consideration on the satire he uses for news, Stephen’s has made a character he’s pushed to accomplish his greatest feats of influence. Influent enough to push to create a rally along with Jon Stewert’s to criticize the role press plays in political debate’s, which actually worked! With close to two-hundred and fifteen thousand people who attended.

But the much more important creation stemming from his character was the “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”, better known as the “Colbert Super PAC”. This Super PAC was created in parody of another super PAC at the time, but ended up increasing to a level beyond the original and after asking for donations from those who watched the show or otherwise wanted to support it they received OVER ONE MILLION DOLLAR’S worth of donations. They used to assist Stephen’s run for “The President of the United States of… South Carolina” though running for state office forced him to leave his super PAC, he quickly become a “volunteer” for it. But in doing so the PAC’s name changed to that of “The Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC”. Once his election and one commercial, made seemingly made just to spite Mitt Romney, came to an end so did the super PAC. And when it finally shut down Stephen, along with the rest of the organization, had the rest of the PAC, totaling at eight hundred thousand dollars, donated to charity.

To summarize, before the show comes to an end, Stephen Colbert is man who convinces others to see from his perspective, my perspective, as to achieve goals beyond one mans, and to spread opinions that should be known by many.  And now as the show, finally comes to a close, and I approach almost an hour of sitting atop Stephen Colbert’s face! The episode doesn’t only come to a close but so does the show in its entirety, as well as the character of Stephen Colbert. This makes Stephen a rare kind of man, one who gets to attend his own funeral.

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