Lacking a Interview

I’ll be honest, I failed to get an interview, but it’s not due to a lack of trying. To be honest, (again) I sent out dozen of emails, and they all shared one quality they aimed to high. I sent E-mail to Stephen Colbert himself, to famous American Politicians (and not so famous ones), other famous comics… you get my point. So now I have no interview, but I do have… regret.

I have regret for things outside of my control but more so I regret for, as mentioned, aiming to high. I have much to say about this as not having an interview has irritated me, to say the least, since I began my speech. It’s mostly irritated me because I was never even close to getting one, it was always “not at this time” or no reply at all. I realize now that was likely due to me, messaging some very busy people, and I realize that. But at the time I was racking my brain to figure out why all these people are so busy!

I now (obviously) realize the reason I had no interview, beyond their apparent business, was me shooting for the stars. Because when you aim for the stars you kinda expect to fall. I grew blind to this, so thinking back on it, it is not surprising I failed. I should have aimed for people easier to come into contact, lower on the totem pole you could say. So in the end I failed, but I can learn from it.

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