Questions of My Own

Questions I came up with during brainstorming.

  • How do you achieve “success”?
  • What defines success?
  • How do you change your outlook on life?
  • What makes intelligence?
  • What is love? (baby don’t hurt me)
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is progression?

What questions inspire you to pursue them?

The questions that inspire me the most to pursue them are the ones on intelligence and success, because I feel like my life and many others have been dictated so heavily by those two themes, and that inspires me to pursue them.

What questions do you find intimidating or challenging?

The questions I find intimidating and/or challenging tie very closely to the ones I find the most interesting, being the ones on intelligence and success. I find these so intimidating and challenging because how different these can seem to many people and finding what you believe to be the answer, to someone else could seem entirely wrong.

How do you approach these questions, who or what can you enlist to help you?

Though few of the questions of the questions are either unanswerable or mostly up to interpretation, the others I would approach with deep readings into there prescribed field and with enlisted help with many professionals on the topic.

How will you know if you’ve been successful?

Honestly with many I may never reach a point were my final answer will be “correct” for everyone, though I will consider my self successful when I find answer that fully satisfy’s me.

What do the questions you ask say about you as a person?

I believe these questions portray me as a person interested on the inner workings of how or minds behave and make people appear or seem.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, a name known by many for his fantastical voyage’s across the pond. Known as the discoverer of the America’s, but the great “hero” Columbus is also known for his ruthless massacre of the Arawak people an event that shaped how much of the European explorers would act. Though there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Columbus.

I cannot deny the inevitable fact of Columbus’s murder and genocide of the Arawak people, nor can I deny that the massacre was fueled by the greed and lust for money and power. But I can say that Columbus did bring massive amounts of progress to the Americas.  He brought new technologies, trade, change, and momentous amounts of intrigue, because who wouldn’t want to make a business on top of the new land undiscovered until now? Columbus by himself set forth years production, creation and progress into a new technologies. But the sad truth of all this that even though he brought new development across the globe, he still committed  such atrocity’s that his image is forever tainted. In conclusion, Columbus deserves the hatred and outrage for his actions though his impact should not be forgotten.